Reasons My Husband Drives Me Crazy

My husband is awesome.  He is seriously my everything, on a day to day basis I fall somewhere on the spectrum of slightly obsessed to totally codependent. I just recently started to realize that we spend WAY too much time together: we work together from home, run errands together, go to the gym together, you get the point.  The great thing about spending so much time together is that our relationship is so strong and we really enjoy each others company.  The bad thing about spending so much time together is that he annoys the shit out of me at least 4 times a day.  Which brings me to…
Reason #11 My Husband Drives Me Crazy:


He Leaves Random Crap All Over The House

Either my husband is doing this to purposely annoy me or he is developing early onset Alzheimer’s. The worst part is that he seems to be blind to the fact that  shoes don’t belong on the counter, pot holders don’t belong on a toilet and Ranch dressing doesn’t go on the bathroom counter. I swear, sometimes I feel like my husband is sending me on a random shit scavenger hunt around our house. Here’s of few of the oddities from this week in Casa de Crazy Mama…

Why wouldn’t there be dirty socks in my daughter’s toy bin?

Chicken, tomatoes, cheese and sparkly pink shoes?! What the hell was he trying to make?!

Hair product, shaving cream and ranch dressing, everything a man needs for his morning routine.

I just want to know whyyyy?!?

Am I the only one? Do your husbands do stuff like this?! 
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